Waveex Mobile Chip protection against cell phone radiation. EU approved & Proven new product.

Waveex Mobile Chip protection against cell phone radiation. EU approved & Proven new product. has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 39 reviews.

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WAVEEX Mobile Chip is an innovative product of WAVEEX, a technology company based in Austria and founded by two inventor brothers Alfred and Helmut Theuretzbacher, who live in Germany and Austria. It is approved by the EU and is proven to protect people against cell phone radiations and radio beams. The WAVEEX technological chip is available for mobile devices (mobile phone, tablet, cordless phone, laptop), WLAN routers, and antenna towers.

Berkey Water Filters UK/EU, one of the first companies to get this revolutionary WAVEEX product in stock in the whole of Europe, sells WAVEEX Mobile Chip. The hardware functions to protect us from the constant low-frequency radiations generated by our mobile devices and gadgets, such as phones, tablets, and laptops during use. The low-frequency radiation upsets our internal biological mechanisms and could cause significant disorders on continuous exposure over a long time.

Technical Details of WAVEEX Hardware

WAVEEX for mobile devices is a composite chip of seven superposed layers. The external component is made of plastic, while the inner part consists of five layers with silver ink printed circuits. When the device is exposed to electromagnetic waves, it weakens the harmful radiation and balances it with the magnetic field around your body, making it harmless for your body.

WAVEEX for antenna towers and WAVEEX for wireless routers are similar in configuration to the WAVEEX for mobile devices but are a much more powerful chip made of silicon.

Why Do You Need WAVEEX Mobile Chip?

The advent of electronic communication in the 1970s―the invention of mobile phones and the birth of the internet, and its rapid development have made us inevitably susceptible to the damaging effects of radiations, as the achievements of the ICT cuts across all our endeavours―from production to life in general. We spend a considerable part of our existence on our gadgets. When we are not sharing vital information with business partners, delivering goods and services at work with the aid of ICT gadgets, we are networking and communicating with our families and friends at home or in our leisure time.

Our mobile devices constantly emit low-frequency radiation when in use. Unfortunately, this low-frequency radiation has been severely implicated in several negative biological effects, affecting the immune system, hormonal and neurological configurations, and reproductive systems. Worse still, it is carcinogenic.

Countless scientific researches have shown the adverse effects of our continuous exposure to these magnetic field gradients. One study of note is that of Dr Claude Bärtels (Science4Life Lab) in 2015 titled, ‘Influence of electromagnetic radiation on human tissue with special consideration of the effect of magnetic field gradients.’The study revealed a close relationship between mobile phone radiation and hormonal damages, DNA damage, and increased stress levels and thus forms the basis for the WAVEEX mechanism of action and importance.

Although electronic communication has made life easier and more accessible, it is not without its attendant consequences. The repercussion of our daily exposure to radiation through the use of communication gadgets has raised global concern. Unfortunately, despite sometimes being enslaved by these devices, we cannot relinquish using them, as doing so could be likened to ‘ceasing to live’. The much we can do is protect ourselves from the damaging effects caused by our continual exposure to the emissions, thus the need for WAVEEX.
WAVEEX Mobile Chip is the only technological hardware around the world that protects our biological systems from this dangerous electromagnetic radiation from our devices.


  • Scientifically tested and certified mobile chips that work.
  • Approve for use by the EU.
  • WAVEEX levels out the peaks of magnetic fields.
  • WAVEEX prevents changes in one's blood profile.
  • WAVEEX lowers the body’s stress levels.


  • It creates a protective shield using a unique technology against (that neutralises) the radioactive emissions from our communication gadgets.
  • It gives holistic and round the clock protection.
  • It works on a wide range of devices―mobile phones, tablets, computers, WLAN-routers, antenna towers.
  • Its protection spans many activities such as phone calls, surfing, and carrying the devices on our bodies or laps.

How does WAVEEX work?

The legally defined specific absorption rates (SAR) only protect our bodies against the effect of high (radio) frequency radiation and not the low-frequency radiations which our mobile devices generate. WAVEEX, therefore, serves to protect us from this radiation, being the only technological hardware globally designed to perform this function. It achieves this by positively changing the low-frequency magnetic fields formed to the less harmful and acceptable levels defined by SAR.

By smoothing the magnetic peaks, WAVEEX makes the usage of communication gadgets adaptable to our bodies as they become permanently easier for our body systems to tolerate. Good enough, this has been proven scientifically.

How WAVEEX Works during Phone Calls

Active phone calls, i.e., when you put a call through to someone or receive a call, create a low-frequency electromagnetic field around the phone. The charges of the electromagnetic field change and are not consistent, a process known as electric field gradient. WAVEEX normalises this inconsistency in the electromagnetic field into smooth progressions that make it tolerable for our bodies.

How Does WAVEEX Protect the Human Body?

The internal communication of our body system is enabled by low-frequency radiation. Our devices also make use of radiation within this range and so interfere with our bodies’ signal processes, resulting in notable disorders over time. Thus, WAVEEX creates a protective shield using a unique technology that neutralises harmful cell phone emissions.


v WAVEEX (for mobile devices) is certified according to 2002/95 / EC (RoHS).

v United States PZN: 4133732. Germany PZN: 11615704.

Guard your health today. Buy WAVEEX Mobile Chip and protect yourself from harmful emissions and the resultant effects.

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