Buyer beware - Verifying Authentic Berkey® - Warning for counterfeit filters

Warning: Non authentic Berkey on online marketplaces and other websites

To ensure that you only receive the highest quality and original Berkey® products, -  Berkey® Water Systems is only selling its official products through a trusted network of carefully selected authorized sellers.  - Please be aware of non authentic and lookalike filters being sold on online marketplaces and other websites.

Berkey Waterfilters UK / EU and our affiliate websites have been UK & European sellers of the original Berkey® Water Systems brand since 2014

We strongly advises customers to purchase only from authorized Berkey® sellers, and to be aware of the possible risks that may result from purchasing products through untrustworthy or unverified re-sellers that mostly sell on online marketplaces and their own websites

False & Misleading Information
Not everything on the Internet is true.
View notices regarding false or misleading information below and non authentic, lookalike or counterfeit Berkey Waterfilters being sold online.
Please be aware of the notice below and make sure to buy only authentic Berkey® Waterfilters 

There are un-authorized sellers that advertise and sell Berkey® products on the internet today.
These products may be defective, damaged, “B” stock goods, counterfeit products, knock-offs, or products through secondary “gray” market channels 

While some of these products may look like Berkey® products, it is important to know that they are usually not Berkey® products, and may not protect your loved ones as would genuine Berkey® products.  - Please see our blog page for a detailed article about this. 

These products are not covered by Berkey® Water Systems’ warranty or return policy or our exclusive Lifetime Warranty program in UK or Europe 

There is no substitution for Berkey® Waterfilters 

There are products available online that may look like Berkey® products- but there is no substitution for Berkey® quality. It is absolutely critical that customers make an educated choice when buying their water filter systems or replacements. 

Black Berkey® Purification Elements are often relied upon in the harshest of conditions; times when a miscalculation may have serious consequences. Choose Berkey® products for both preparedness purposes and everyday effectiveness.

Please contact us directly if any questions or see our websites for more details and see our blog page article about non authentic systems being sold online 

These replicas and lookalike filters are usually cheaper knock offs made filters that look almost the same and fits other Berkey systems and some of them are even sold with misleading SKU numbers like BB9-2 or ''Big'' Travel or other Berkey filter model names in their product description 

When it comes to health related items like food, medicines, medical items and water purifiers for yourself and your loved ones, you should carefully consider the source and it's authenticity 

When buying a water filter system, protect your family’s health by evaluating products carefully. There is no substitute for Berkey® quality.

Watch Out:
1. Don’t fall for  “it fits’’   or   ‘’replacement”  statements
2. Know that filtration does NOT equal purification
3. Beware of general “NSF” claims 
4. Scrutinize vague or misleading claims
5. Watch out for conflicting statements
6. Inspect element lifespan claims carefully - Original Berkey Waterfilters last up to 11 years or 23,000 Liters
7. Demand testing or verify official test results 
8. Evaluate warranties and customer service f
9. Read the fine print and make sure you are buying original Berkey Filters 
See our blog page for more details and samples of non authentic filters sold on online marketplaces in UK and Europe 2021 & 2022

Watch Out for Conflicting Statements, and Inspect Lifespan Claims Carefully -There is no other filter on the market that last as long as original Black Berkey Waterfilters 

Some of these ‘’lookalike’’ Berkey are stating  five different filter lifespan specifications. See below. 

6 months (as shown on the product package) -  No Black Berkey Filters needs replacement every 6 months.

An auto-ship option for as little as 3-months
That’s confusing and misleading for consumers and NO Berkey Waterfilters needs to be replaced every 3 months.

Our original Black Berkey Filters last up to 11 years (or 23,000 litres)  if they are cleaned and primed correctly every 12 months

Please refer to our official test results and FAQ page on our pages for more details.
Our websites below selling authentic  Berkey® since 2014
Verification on Black Filters
See also our blog and verifying Berkey pages to see the difference on authentic Berkey