Are your Black Berkey™ Purification Elements and Berkey® systems Vegan and/or Kosher?

Technically, in order for anything to be defined as Vegan or Kosher, it must be consumable for ingestion. Our Black Berkey™ elements and Berkey® systems are not consumable. Nonetheless, it is our understanding that these particular products may be considered to be both Vegan and Kosher, by answering the following questions:

  1. Is the product that is produced through the purification process consumable?

    YES. Purified water is the consumable product now in question.

  2. Does the purified water contain any life form or any derivatives of past or present life forms?


  3. Do the elements contain any content from any animal life, past or present?


  4. Bacteria are considered life forms. Is the Black Berkey™ element bacteriostatic and does it prevent any life forms from living within the element?

    YES. The elements are bacteriostatic and YES, the bacteriostasis does prevent mitosis and will not allow any life forms to colonize within the element. However, this is not true of all filter elements on the market today. Many filter elements will support microscopic life forms and have no ability to augment bacteria blooms within the catalysts. Always be sure your elements are bacteriostatic.

  5. Will the filter remove crustaceans and or any other animal life form that may be in source water prior to purification?